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Business Services

InventCore Company provides multimedia software for development of an interactive video and solutions supporting application of multimedia in business.

Interactive video editor

Sketch your non-linear story in a web browser and create interactive video on your own.

Deligic editor is the first service that enables to design and prototype non-linear stories that combine local videos, YouTube clips, images or even PDF and HTML documents.

The editor is integrated with external video hosting services means you can use e.g. video from YouTube or Vimeo.

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Interactive player applications

An interactive player enables viewers to interact with the video content in real time, having an impact on the plot. Thus, the viewer experiences consequences of his decisions as each time the video shows a different story with a different ending.

Distribute interactive video by your website or mobile applications stores using our player.

Unified interface for many interaction types of allows to use clickable areas, touch screen gestures and voice interactions.

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Interactive video production

Promote your product, service or brand with interactive video.

An interactive video quiz brings up feeling of making a dialogue with speakers of Bitspiration conference in Krakow, Poland. Answer questions about their readouts.

We offer design and production of video commercials, promotion videos and animations.

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Video hosting and processing

Store your interactive videos in a cloud and improve performance.

Our interactive media container is based on HTML5 video and thus works well in the web as well as on mobile and smart TV platforms.

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Interactive video 360

In cooperation with our panoramist partners we create beautiful interactive panoramas for places or events promotion.

User may freely navigate in a panorama using mouse, touch screens or by motion of a mobile device. Each panorama may be interactive and enables switching to another video panoramas.

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Real-time Voting System

How about controlling software applications or making decision in interactive movies as a group? VoteRT is a web-base system for gathering multiple individual users’ actions and converting them into a group interaction in real time.

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InventCore's team is a mix of software engineers and creative filmmakers.

What unites us is passion for new technologies and filmmaking, friendship and engineering approach to problem solving.

Tomasz Tretkowski

Head of Software Development

Tomasz is a co-founder of InventCore and our lead software architect. He is a software engineer experienced in developing client-facing web applications and backend systems as well as designing data integration and analysis processes. Pursuing a PhD by doing research on IT applications in biology and likes solving problems as simple and clear as possible way. LEAN project management practitioner, prefers quality before quantity.

Adam Walkowski

Head of Interactive Video Technology

Adam is a co-founder of InventCore and a multimedia technologies researcher. He is a programmer experienced in multimedia software, video processing and also in systems based on semantic technologies. Creative projects manager, filmmaker and film director interested in the borderline of multimedia and software applications. Enthusiast of new human-computer interfaces.

Łukasz Gutowski

Head of Arts Production

Better known as Gustaw, he is a lead InventCore's screenwriter and interactive storytelling author. An actor with incredible acrobatic skills. Creative mind. Carefully gathers extreme story concepts in the form of various short stories and screenplays.

Krzysztof Lis

Interactive Video Developer

Krzysiek is a talented camera operator and video editor interested in new media and interactive storytelling. Video technologies engineer who works with various interactive projects. Determined to making our ideas possible.

Patryk Winowski

Mobile Appliactions Designer

Patryk is our mobile platforms specialist, designer and developer of mobile applications. Photographer and camera operator with passion. Extraordinary public speaker.

Karol Litka

Software Engineer

Karol is an experienced programmer as well as a game developer. He combines knowledge about new technologies with artistic approach. Karol is also a music composer and creates soundtracks for our videos.

Wojciech Szczerba

Film Producer

Wojtek is our lead video producer experienced in film production. Great enthusiast of applying new technologies into cinema and film industry. Business searcher.

Mariusz Przybyszewski

Sales Manager

Mariusz has spent lots of years as touristic event manager. Mixing his interests in historical reenactment and business skills, he applies our technologies to touristic sector.

Marek Kreft

Sound Engineer

Marek is a radio producer and InventCore's audio production expert. He is experienced sound engineer and voice actor. He fulfils his creative needs as a musician and a film music composer. Crazy traveler.

Mariusz Górski

Software Engineer

Mariusz is experienced robotics engineer and software developer. Mix of geek and nerd with a friendly temper. In a free time he creates his own Indie games.


Our Team Member

If you are interested in modern video technologies, multimedia, web development or interaction design, we will be happy to meet You. Currently we are looking for graphic designers, iOS developers, chief marketing officer and sales manager.

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